Skill measurements
We worked hard on our big update for the measuring & inventory functionalities of Hubper. With these functionalities you are able to create evaluations, inventorize qualifications, create skill measurements, and so on. This update has made all of these functionalities more stable and quicker, which is great!

We have also added a new functionality for the skill measurements. As administrator you are now able to change how you want to view the results of the skill measurements.You can:

Decide which videos and texts are visible.

Decide the way in which the skill summaries are represented; you can choose from different types of graphs.

When a user goes through the questions of the skill measurement, the results will be dynamically generated and displayed in the way that you chose. This is ideal for a 0-measurement or a talent analysis!


This was a great year - with lots of awesome updates! We have big plans for 2022.

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