The dashboard is the first page you see after logging in. But what is the purpose of this page? And what's new? Read all about it in this article!

The new dashboard

At the top of the page you can see your learning streak and progress 🏆 :

  • Learning streak: Check how many consecutive weeks you have been active in your academy. You can also check your record for longest learning streak!

  • Learning progress: See how many activities you have completed compared to other users within the academy.

The new dashboard also gives a clear overview of your progress💡 :

  • You can immediately see which activity you were most recently engaged in.

  • At 'Your activities' you can find activities that are still open and activities you have already completed. You can also find your Meet-ups here.

We also encourage you to keep developing yourself 💪 :

  • A search function has been added to the dashboard that allows you to search directly in Discover.

  • Right next to the search function, you will find a selection of activities from Discover.

  • Pay attention! Does your academy not have a 'Discover' page (yet)? Then these options will not be visible.

We also give you clarity on what you have already achieved in the academy. At the bottom of the dashboard you see a selection of up to 5 of your obtained certificates.🏅

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