The last month of this year! And we’ve yet again added cool new things to Hubper. Read all about it 👇

📊 Micro-learnings analytics

Discovering new content is an important aspect of Hubper. That’s why we support all kinds of content, such as e-learnings, podcasts, meetups & micro-learnings. A micro-learning can for example consist of documents, external links, videos or pieces of training made by yourself. You, being an admin or team manager, will from now on also have insight into the analytics of the various micro-learnings. This way you’ve real time insight in the use of various content forms within your academy!

🆕 New integrations

‘Hub’ isn’t accidentally part of the name Hubper. We find it important to be a complete solution for your academy, by presenting many possibilities to integrate. This way you’ll be free to use content from various sources. This month we introduce two new integrations in Hubper:

  • GoodHabitz
    From now on it’s also possible to activate all content of GoodHabitz in your Hubper Academy at the touch of a button. This content is completely integrated. Your users can thus search for content in the library and find content of GoodHabitz. As a user, manager & organisation you’ve real time insight into the use, progress & completion of the GoodHabitz modules through the analytics.

  • Edubookers
    We’re big fans of online learning and offer various kinds of online content, but sometimes you’re searching for a training made by a training agency. That’s why you can now directly search the library of Edubookers and all its trainings using Hubper. You can directly book a training and the training will then appear in your Hubper profile. It’s also possible to design the authorisation flow, to work with budgets and preferred suppliers! A really cool new integration within Hubper!


Are you interested in the integration with GoodHabitz or Edubookers? Contact us via

We’ve already planned plenty of cool new features for 2021! See you next month!🚀🚀

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