The past month we’ve worked hard on a completely new interface for the environment in which you manage the Hubper content; the author’s environment. We’ll tell you everything about it down below!

🆕 New author’s environment

Last month we’ve improved & renewed various parts of Hubper. This month, it was the turn of one of the most important parts of our platform: the author’s environment! We have conducted some research on how we can make it even more easier and logical to create content and manage it in Hubper. Based on this the author’s environment is completely renewed.

This are the most important adjustments:

  • 🎨 Improved UX and a more beautiful 'look & feel'
    The complete design and the UX of the author’s environment are adapted. The interface now looks much more like the library. In this way you get a better overview of all activities, you have direct insight in the assessments & the active participants, and you have more filter possibilities.

  • 🔍 Better search & filter options
    Considering you as a manager you want to be able to find the activity you’re looking for quick and easy, you want to have insight in which activities are available in the library and you want an overview of all offered content per theme or learning method, this feature is improved.

  • 🎓 Group micro-learnings
    Hubper supports many different learning methods which you can use as a micro-learning. Such as a videos, documents, links or self-made micro-learnings. From now on you can find all these kinds together as a category ‘Micro-learning’ while creating a new activity.

  • 📈 Integration Learning Analytics
    Up until now you could find the Learning Analytics per activity in the separate menu item ‘Learning Analytics’. From now on this is integrated in the author’s environment. In this way you have one overview with all activities, in which you also have direct insight in the participants and the learning analytics of this activity.


The new interface will be presented to all customers in two weeks’ time!

See you next month! 🚀🚀

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