Cool news - per today a new version of our app is live! We added features and the design/ UX is improved. Read more about this update down below!

📲 App update

We were already quite proud of our native app with which you easily perform all learning activities on your mobile phone, but it has become even cooler!

Design & UX improved

The app actually just became much more beautiful 😁. We watched how our users used the app and based on that we implemented some improvements in the user experience. So, you can continue to Brainpower more easily and the text is more readable. Moreover, the animations and the login flow are improved and the menu is edited.

Library added!

A very important update is that you can now also browse through all the available content in the library using your mobile phone! We are super proud of this! Because when you're working and you forget a specific piece of knowledge? You can easily browse through the library and directly find the video, document, e-learning or another form of content that answers your questions. This way, we are a bit closer to supporting you in your daily job.!

✍️ New learning form: Tabs

This month we introduce a new content form in our e-learning modules: the tab! Tabs are perfect to divide content and to explain it per section. This way you can name terms or process steps and explain them elaborately per step. Of course, tabs work directly on the app, isn't that nice?

That was it! We'll be here next month!

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