When you create a submission assignment you ask users to make an assignment outside of the platform, for example in Word, and to upload it to the platform. The assessor of the assignment will get a notification when the assignment is turned in. You can use templates for the submission assignments, so all assignments will be made with the same structure and set up. You can use a submission assignment in an e-learning or as a separate activity, so you can add it to your learning playlist.

Add a title
Add a title for the concerning content. A title is necessary to save the submission assignment.

Add a description
You can choose to provide further information. This could be: a piece of text, a photograph, a Please Note, a Tip, an Example or a table.

Template & assessor
Using a template is optional. You can for example create open questions or assignments using a template, which the user must turn in.

You can indicate per assignment who should give feedback. This person will automatically receive a feedback request on their profile. After the assessment, you, as a user, will be informed of your score.

Learning objectives and tags
You can add learning goals and tags to your content. By using learning objectives we can measure the progress and activity per learning goal. When you use tags, you can retrieve content easier in the Warehouse. Start typing and suggestions will directly appear for learning objectives and tags you've used before.

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