As a supervisor, it's of great importance to keep an overview of who has obtained which degrees and qualifications and who hasn't yet. Our inventory tool helps you with this. The focus of this feature is on mapping the difference between the contemporary knowledge and the needed knowledge of the employees. The result is an overview of the total qualification profiles for the supervisor. After approval, the qualifications will be made visible in the user's profile and the system will automatically make a gap analysis, which shows what study activities the employee needs to complete. These activities will automatically be provided. This saves a lot of time and everyone can immediately start working on obtaining those qualifications.

How does it work?

  1. You create a simple questionnaire with possible answers about the daily work of employees. For example: 'Do you deal with customer contact about taking out a mortgage on a daily basis?'

  2. The employee answers te questions by clicking on the answers.

  3. Finally, the tool composes a qualification profile. Based on approval the qualification profile appears in the profile of the user. For example, the qualification profile of 'Mortgage adviser'.

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