Every learning activity within the platform has general course settings. These can be managed per learning activity. As an author, you can continue to settings by clicking on the sprocket in the learning activity, at the top right of the page.

You can manage the following details here:

  • Status:
    The learning activity is not ready to be assigned to users.
    The learning activity can be assigned to users and is active.
    The learning activity isn't active anymore, and cannot be chosen during subscriptions.

  • Conditions
    Here, you can set the conditional rules in the learning activity. For example: Part X is available when you've finished Part Y.

  • Completion requirements
    Here, you can set when someone has completed the learning activity. For example: When Test X is obtained or when the progression is on 80%. You can determine whether a user must meet all completion requirements or 1 of them. The default is that a learning activity is completed when the progress is 100%.

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