If your academy uses Single Sign-On (SSO), users can log in to Hubper via an external account. We use the SAML protocol to support SSO. The SAML protocol also allows to direct users directly to a learning activity through a deep link.

What is a deeplink?

A deep link is a link that navigates to a specific page instead of the main page. This allows you to direct users to a learning activity within Hubper.


Here's an example of a deep link:



In the example you can see four variables:

  • ClientId = the specific ID of your Academy.

  • CourseId = the specific ID of your Learning Activity

  • Provider = the Identity Provider (IDP) that is being used. For example: Microsoft, Okta, Google or Hubper API

  • Context = user or admin

How to create a deep link?

You can create a deep link yourself, so that you can direct users to a single learning activity more specifically .

If the SAML integration for your academy is enabled, you will see a button on the login page with, for example, 'Log in with Microsoft'.

  • Right-click on 'Log in with Microsoft' and then select 'copy link'. You now have most of the URL you need.

  • Add '&courseId=' followed by the learning activity's ID. The learning activity's ID can be found in the learning activity's URL when accessed through your admin account (see selected characters in image below).

    Note: make sure that the ID of the learning activity is in the right place in the link; '&courseId=...' belongs between 'clientId=...' and '&provider=...'.

    The deep link is now ready to be shared with your users!

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