What are Teams?

Within your academy you can classify the organization under Organization structure. This way you can ensure that employees are registered at the right company and the right department. You can also use teams in your academy, you can read all about it in this article.

These are the most important functionalities of teams:

  • Create Teams and assign users to Teams
    Just like companies and departments, you can create teams at the Organization Structure. When you create a user, you can assign one or more teams to that user.

  • Give managers management rights for specific teams
    You can give managers access to teams to track their teams' progress through My Team. This way the managers have access to the learning analytics of the users in the teams.

  • Automatically register users of a team to Learning Activities
    You can also link learning activities and learning playlists to a team. This way you can ensure that all users in the team are automatically registered for this specific activity(s).

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