✍️ A new editor

This month we launched a new version of the editor! You use the editor when you do things like creating new content within an e-learning or microlearning. With the new editor there are more options in terms of alignment of images, and you can easily drag & drop elements. Finally, parts such as the blocks containing tips have been visually updated.

⭐ Ratings

Interaction is an important part of learning. After all, we are social animals by nature and we prefer to learn socially. We mainly learn by ‘imitating,’ which is why we have been working hard on a cool new addition that encourages social learning: ratings! You were already able to do evaluations in Hubper before, but now we added a new, accessible way to evaluate content. When you finish a learning activity like a microlearning or e-learning, you can give that activity a rating. As a user, you are then able to get an insight into each activity’s rating in the library, so you can also see which learning activities are highly rated. As an author you can get the same insight into your own activities. Cool!


The new editor can already be used & the ratings will be launched to new customers in the following days. There are also 2 other new features ready - we will tell you more about that next month. See you then!

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