How do you apply the company design to your academy? And how do you create a good training? To help new managers we have created the Hubper Academy, where you can learn everything you need to know to make your academy a success!

đź’ˇ How does it work?

From now on, every new manager gets access to this Hubper Academy, which contains videos, microlearnings, and articles. Every topic will be covered, from articles about adding users, to information about creating your first training.

Here you can find an overview of the topics that are available:

  • Content

Information about the structure of a training, how to make sure your first training is a good one, and especially what not to do. Besides that, this theme also features information about the warehouse and when to choose which learning method.

  • Support

Where can you go when you have questions? And what are frequently asked questions about the platform? You learn all about it within this theme.

  • Organisation

In this theme you will learn how to arrange your organisation, for example by departments or functions, to make sure that every new employee immediately gains access to the correct training for their function!

  • Users

What is an academy without its users? You learn how to add users, in which ways you can do this, and how to get an overview of your users’ progress.

  • Managers

As a manager you have more possibilities at Hubper than a regular user, you can, for example, change the settings within your academy and create a new training.

  • Settings

Of course you want your academy to look like your company’s design, and you can learn how to do so in this theme. You also get more information about how to send specific emails and change other settings.

Has all of this made you curious? Every new customer automatically gets access to the Hubper Academy. Are you not a new customer, but do you want access as well? This is possible! Contact to gain access to the Hubper Academy!

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