💬 Meet-ups

This activity has had a big update for our admins as well as students. The current Meet-ups was missing some crucial features for different students, trainers and situations. That's why some cool features have been added.


This is the list of our most wanted and new features:


  • From now on Meet-ups will contain sessions and under each session there are different dates and days, these are called moments. You don't have to create an item per day, but can now bundle multiple trainings under one session. Of course, you can still create single training sessions.

  • Per session you are able to add a location, extra information or assign a trainer.

  • Add emailadresses to an activity to manage who will receive emails and notifications about this activity. This way you can add external trainers, location managers and more. To receive notifications yourself, just add yourself to the Meet-up!

  • When you registrer students to a session you make this session mandatory. An admin can also register a student to a Meet-up and the student can choose their own sessions.

  • Add a maximum and minimum number registrations for a session. When the minimum amount of registrations is not reached by the deadline, the session will automatically be canceled. The external mailing list and students will be notified.


  • A student can now register to one session per Meet-up. At least, if the admin hasn't chosen a session for the student already. Via topbox students will receive the latest news on their sessions or about choosing their next moment. This way a student will immediately see the next available moment, but also other moments belonging to this session. When a trainer is added to the session the student can also see who this is!

  • As a student you can easily see which sessions are created through a list. Rather see it in a calender view? Switch tot his mode and you have a clear view of the upcoming sessions!

  • Students get email updates about their Meet-ups.

→ More information on the updated Meet-ups

🧑‍🎓 External exams

A new learning activity 🎉! When you want to offer an external exam to your students, you can now add these as a learning activity in your online platform. The student can register to this exam or you can assign this exam to a student. After finishing the exam, the student is able to upload a certificate. A useful feature for mandatory exams outside of the organisation! In one central place.

→ More information on how this works is available in our Knowledge Base

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