In January, we added a cool new kind of learning activity to Hubper: Summaries! We already prepared content for you in our library, so you can immediately use this new feature! Read all about it in the What’s New of January 2021πŸ‘‡

πŸ“š Summaries

We already support multiple kinds of learning activities in Hubper, such as e-learning, micro-learning, exams, podcasts, learning playlists and meet-ups. We find this important, because in this way we can create a diverse online academy with various kinds of content. From now on, we can present a new type to you, namely Summaries! This feature makes it possible to make summaries of learning content, books or meetings available for the users of your academy.


Summaries of management books

We don’t only launch this new feature, but we also launch new content to use with it! From next week on you can find 60 summaries of management books in the Hubper Library. This way, the library has become even richer in content and you can read more about The 4-hour workweek, The Lean Startup, Theory U and Theory of Constraints in no time. Super nice!


See you next month! πŸš€πŸš€

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