💬 Messaging

An important part of the learning process is working together & learning from each other. That’s why we’ve made an important addition to Hubper; Messaging. This new messaging feature easily lets you send messages to individual users, groups of users (e.g. based on department or education) or the whole academy. Moreover, individual users can ask their supervisor for help in their learning process, or make contact with other users.

The messaging feature works just like WhatsApp, but is build into the Hubper platform. It’s available in both the web-version and the app. The app will give you push-notifications for new messages, so your user will always be up-to-date on the important messages.


❓ Evaluation

Then over the second really nice update: we build a complete evaluation module in Hubper! Using the module “Evaluation” you can easily evaluate learning tracks and courses. Moreover, it’s possible to create separate evaluations. This way you can also evaluate elements such as events or organisational changes.

The evaluation module supports various types of questions, such as multiple-choice, scale and rating questions. It’s possible to add logical paths in the evaluation module, so you can for example ask an in-depth question when someone answers a certain question negatively.

Finally, you’ll receive an extended overview of every evaluation! This way you can keep track how often the evaluation has been filled in, which answers were given & if people quit the evaluation before the end.🚀

Pro Display XDR 01

We’ll communicate these new features to all customers in the upcoming weeks. We’ll do this in coordination of course.

See you next month! 🚀🚀

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