Directly subscribing at the user's page

You can directly subscribe users to a learning activity in the user overview. View the details of the user and continue to the tab 'Subscriptions'. Add a new subscription to the user by using the plus icon.

Subscription by means of import

Do you have multiple users you want to sign in at once, perhaps even for multiple learning activities, you can then use the import feature. Choose the import icon at the upper right at 'Users'. You will then go through a phased plan:

  1. Choose the action you want to perform; subscribing users.

  2. Generate a template for the import, based on the activities you select. To select activities you can search in the search bar and then add these. Click then on 'Generate template' to download it. Next up, enter the details with the correct e-mail addresses and add an 'x' at the activities for which these users should be signed up.

  3. Upload the file. The file will be checked by the system if it's correct.

  4. Before you import everything you'll be presented a last check opportunity. Here, you can see how many users will be signed in, who cannot be signed in and which rules possibly can't be imported. Happy? Choose 'start import' at the bottom of the screen.

  5. After the import a Learning Update will automatically send to the users mailbox.

Sign in using groups and features

It's possible in Hubper to create groups and features within your organisation structure. You can link Learning Playlists to groups and features.


You can link a feature to a corresponding playlist. When you assign this feature to a user, they will automatically be signed in for the corresponding playlist.


You can create groups and accommodate users here. You can also link Learning Playlists to groups, so users will directly be signed in when they are added to a group.

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