🔑 A new front door!

The past month we’ve implemented an update for the log in experience of our users & administrators. Now there’s more room for the branding of the customer & we implemented a few UX improvements. This is new:

  • Log in through the sidebar
    The central white box in the middle of the log in page is replaced by a sidebar at the right of the page. This way you’ve more room for footage of your academy.

  • Log in for users & administrators
    From now on you easily switch between the log in page for users & admins, using the button at the bottom of the log in page.

  • Log in using Google & Microsoft
    Organisations can now log in with their Microsoft or Google account. These buttons are adjusted so they fit better with the defaults on the internet.


💥 New e-learning design

We, from Hubper, find it important that you can learn in various ways. That’s why we support for example micro-learnings, podcasts, meetups & e-learnings. The latter category is an important learning form that many of our customers use. You can easily create awesome e-learnings in Hubper.

The past time we’ve worked hard to make the e-learnings even cooler! We improved the UX and we made the e-learnings visually more pleasing. You, as an admin, have now more room for visual elements and adding introduction texts. Finally, as a user you’ve a new metro line that displays the index of the course & you will be guided better through your learning trip in the e-learning.

new-elearning-metrolijn (1)

See you next month! 🚀🚀

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