The summer has come to an end and we see that companies are getting again more occupied with online learning. That’s great! We also haven’t been inactive! Read everything about our activities in this What’s New.👇

📱 Improvements Hubper App

We find it important that you can learn cross-platform at Hubper. That’s why we ensure that all the features of our online platform are also available in the app. Recently we have worked on some improvements of the app:

  • Bugfixes
    We’ve solved a number of bugs in the app, so you can learn more pleasantly in the app.

  • Improvements from Meetups
    Recently we expanded the meetup feature in Hubper. We have also applied this to the app, so you have complete insight in the meetups here as well.

  • Update content forms
    We continuously add new content form to Hubper, so you as a content creator can offer an interactive learning experience. The new content forms can now also be used in the app, so you can offer a complete learning experience here as well!

💥 Hubper Flow

Over the past months we’ve worked really hard on something new at Hubper: Hubper Flow! This is a new, continuous learning form within the platform.

How does it work?
As a user you’ll follow a theme, for example ‘Security Awareness’, ‘Product group: Consumers’ or ‘Safe Production’. Every two weeks you’ll get a training completely attuned to you. The algorithm of Hubper Flow sees which parts you already manage, and what you still don’t know or what needs repetition. Based on this you receive microlearnings and questions that are relevant for you. This way you keep your knowledge level up-to-date concerning themes relevant for you and as an organisation you’ve real time insight into the compliancy of the organisation’s most important themes!

The upcoming weeks we will test Hubper Flow with our customers and we’ll tell you more about the features. At the end of this year we’ll make the feature completely available!

See you next month! 🚀🚀

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