We’ve added two new beautiful features to Hubper last month! From now on you can create groups. Moreover, we’ve introduced new content forms. 👇

🆕 Groups

It was already possible to share users in the organisation structure of a company in Hubper, but sometimes you want to create a group based on characteristics. That’s why we introduce ‘Groups’!

These are the most important features of groups:

  • Create groups & add users
    From now on it’s possible to create a group in an organisation structure. Per group you can add users. This way you can for example identify a group with all external employees or all participants of a summer course.

  • Add supervisors to a group
    Per group you can add supervisors. These can be admins but also managers. The supervisors have from that moment on access to the learning analytics of the members of the group.

  • Automatically signing up users of a group for activities
    Moreover, you can link activities or learning playlists to a group. In this way you can ensure that all users of the group automatically are signed up for these specific activities.

🔗 New content form: Link

We find it important that you can easily link content of other parties while creating e-learnings & microlearnings. This way you build an extra rich learning hub. Many of these sources can now be shown integrated in Hubper, but sometimes you don’t want to integrate it but just link it. You were already able to add an external link as an activity in your overview of courses, but now this option is also introduced as a content form! This way you can easily link to external content in a beautiful manner!

See you next month! 🚀🚀

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