The 'Invoicing' page offers you insight into the monthly licenses within your academy. You'll automatically enter the tab 'Monthly', when you click on this. Here, you can see how many new users join every month and how many users have extended their use.


Below the tab 'All users' is an overview of all active users within the hub. You can make an export from this, at the upper right.

Export per month

Do you want to make an export based on a specific month? This can be done at the tab 'Total export'.

Managing multiple academies

When you manage multiple academies, it's also possible to export all new and extended users per month within these various hubs at 'Total export'.

Compose your own export

Finally, you can indicate what you want to see in this export at the tab 'Administration'. This way, you can make the file you'll download as optimal as possible.

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