Thanks to our default integration with YouTube and Vimeo you can add videos to your learning activity. In your online academy you get the option to add a link when adding a video. Enter the link of the video on YouTube or Vimeo here. The relevant video will appear directly in the learning activity you're creating.

When adding a video you get the option to enter a link. Enter the link of YouTube or Vimeo and you'll directly see the video appear in your activity.

Please note!

Is your video not yet available on YouTube or Vimeo? It's then important that you first upload it to one of these channels. Do you not want your video to be public? Ensure the video is 'hidden' when you upload it. The video can then only be watched when you've got the direct link and it won't appear in the search results of other users on YouTube.

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In this article you'll read more about adding a video.

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