Being an organisation or manager, you want information about how your organisation is doing learning wise. Using the My Team Dashboard you always have direct insight into the current situation. How far is everyone? How do my users learn? Who doesn't meet the qualifications? We provide you with realtime insight.


When you click on My Team on the left in the menu bar, you'll first see an overview. We help you as a manager to focus on the right things. We do this by providing you with a smart to-do-list. We tell you, for example, that Jim hasn't met his deadline, that Mary still hasn't scheduled her exam or that Michael is behind on schedule so you should motivate him a little.

Moreover, you can see the general progress of your users and how many visits and activities there were last week.

Insight per individual

We provide you with insight into your whole team, but also per individual. You can see in the overviews how your team is doing, which activities, playlists and qualifications they have, but you can also click further for the details per user. This way, you can see per person what the attention areas are, what someone has been up to and where a gap is possibly arising. We give you insight up to the smallest level into the learning activities, so you as a manager can help where it's needed.

Besides the overview, there are also other tabs on which you can click. These are:

Team members

Here you see a list with all users and their personal progress.


Here you find an overview of all activities in the hub in general.


Here you see an overview of the completed and uncompleted activities.


Here you can find an overview of the finished and not-finished Learning Playlists.

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