Before you add a user, it's important to have your organisational structure in order. How you fill in your organisational structure can be read here. When you've done this you can easily add a user. The steps are as follows:

  1. Navigate
    Click on 'Users' at the left in the menu bar. Press the '+' at the upper right. When you hover over it with your mouse, you'll see 'Add users'.

  2. Users details: personal data
    You'll enter a screen in which you can fill in all users details. You start with the 'Personal data' and you'll fill in the personnel number, the first and last name and the email address. The personnel number can be used as personnel-, relation-, customer-number etc. You can also set the language of the user. When the user chooses the language English, the hub of this user will be offered in English.

  3. Users details: organisation data
    After that, you'll fill in the 'Organisation data' at the right. You're obliged to fill in the fields department and company. That's why it's important that the organisational structure is in order before you start adding users.

  4. Cost centre and position
    The cost centre and position are optional within the organisation data. Via the field cost centre you can for example control where the internal bill goes to in the organisation. Based on the field position you link users to a position, so certain activities or Learning Playlists are automatically assigned to the users with this specific position.

  5. Status
    At the bottom right you can set the 'Status'. When a user never has used the hub before, never check 'agree terms of use', because the user first needs to read and accept them. You can only do this when the user is deleted and added again. Indicate that the users are active when you want them to be able to log in. Do you want to make a user non-active for a while? That's possible. You can also indicate when someone is an administrator. This provides the user with more rights. Finally, you click on 'send invitation', so the user will receive an invitation per email to log in.

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