You can arrange that at the end of a learning activity or Learning Playlist a certificate is automatically generated. The users will receive a certificate in their learning history. Here they can view it and download it as PDF.

Set a certificate
Click on the sprocket at the upper right when opening an activity. Here, you can indicate if you want to generate a certificate for this activity by clicking on 'User receives a certificate after completion'.

Look & feel

You can provide us with the background for the certificate. Send us a message and we'll put it up there as soon as possible!

Down below you can see an example. The white box contains the details of the users and which learning activity they successfully completed. This part of the certificate will automatically be generated within the platform. You only need to provide us with the background. The best resolution for this image is 842x595 pixels.

A certificate in a different language

The certificate will be generated in the language of the learning activity or Learning Playlist.

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