Meetups is renewed! From now on you can use the new offline & online meetups in Hubper. These are the most important updates:

📅Multiple data in 1 meetup

From now on it’s possible to add multiple data and time slots to one meetup. Thus, you can indicate that there are 5 moments for the ‘Onboardings meeting’, so the new employees can choose for themselves when they will participate and correspondingly sign up for that specific moment. Per moment you can indicate how many spots there are available and you can edit specific information, such as the location.


🆕 Online meetups

Beside offline meetups Hubper also provides the opportunity to organise online meetups! In this way you can plan for example virtual classrooms, webinars or online coaching meetings. At the moment we support an integration with both Microsoft Teams & Zoom. In the future we’ll support more video services for online meetups.

Just as for offline meetups, you can create multiple moments for one online meetup. When a user signs up, they automatically receive access to the right data for the chosen time slot, so they can participate in the virtual session directly from Hubper.

See you next month!🚀🚀

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