We have big news! We have worked very hard on the new user’s interface of Hubper in the recent past. This is what has changed:

🎨 New style

Hubper has a complete new style! In the recent months we rebuild step by step all features in the new Hubper style & now it’s time that the user’s interface receives this update as well. In this style we focus more on UX and colour. We are convinced that we offer a more organised and stimulating platform, in which your users can get started with their personal development.


🆕The most important changes

Besides the new style, much has improved functionally! We will list the most important things for you:

  • New dashboard
    As a user you have a new user dashboard in which you have insight in your recent activities, your progress and what you need to do next, all at a glance. Moreover, you can continue directly from your dashboard to for example Brainpower, Permanent Current or your history.

  • Learning
    A new tab is added to the menu, namely ‘Learning’. Here you have an overview of all your current activities, your progression per activity & your history. In this way you will always have insight in what you are learning or what you have learned. All in one page!

  • Library
    And something else very cools: there’s a whole new library! Here you can search through all e-learning modules, microlearnings, exams, meet ups, scan & continuous learning activities. From the library you can easily sign up or start a microlearning.

The new user’s interface will be distributed among all users in a few days! 🚀

See you next month!

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