Hubper has gained another two new content forms! We gladly tell you more about it.


From now on, it’s possible to make assignments with Hubper. So, you can create for example open questions or assignments with a template which the user needs to submit. You can use this new form in an e-learning or as a separate activity, such as a learning playlist.

You can indicate for every assignment if it’s obligatory to work with a template & who needs to give feedback. This person automatically gets a feedback request in their profile. After the assessment the users will be informed on their score.

In the upcoming months we will elaborate this feature, so you’ll also be able to make audio and video assignments in Hubper.

Inleveropdrachten Hubper online leerplatfrom

🆕 Reflection block

During the making process of e-learning modules and micro-learnings you can from now on choose for a new block: the reflection block. This form gives you the opportunity to ask a question without the chosen answer being explicitly correct or incorrect. This block purely and simply means to let a user think and reflect on a statement or question. After answering, the users will receive generic feedback which will help them in judging their own reflection and the learning process.

See you in a month!

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