We have got off to a flying start this year! In the month January we worked hard on the new My Team overview for supervisors. This is what has all changed:

🎨 New Style

We are still very busy with continuously improving the experience of the Hubper platform. We mostly focus on the user experience and the design. We came up with a new style, which we’ll gradually implement into the platform. The My Team page will also be adjusted to this style. We’ll work with more colours, interactive charts with statistics and a more personal design.


🆕 The most important new features

The whole My Team overview has been reinvented, so you as a manager will have smarter real-time insight into the progress of your team. We’ll list the most important changes for you down below:

1. Smart to-do list with the items you need to focus on

We help you as a manager to focus on the right matters. We do this by means of a smart to-do list. This tells you for example that Jim didn’t meet his deadline, that Marieke hasn’t planned her exam yet or that Michael is behind on schedule and it would be good to support him a little bit extra.

2. More insight thanks to analytics

In the new overview you can directly see what the progress of your team is and if everyone meets the qualification requirements. We’ve also included the way in which people learn, for example when they learn and on which device they do so.


3. Insight on team level and details of individuals

We provide you with insight into your whole team, but also per individual. This way the overviews inform you on the progress of your team, which activities, playlists and qualifications your team has, but you can also continue to the details per user. You can see what the priority areas are per person, what someone is doing and where a gap has possibly occurred. We provide insight on the smallest level of learning activities, so you as a manager can help exactly where and when it’s needed.


In the upcoming week the new My Team overview will be send to all managers in the Hubper platform. 🥳

See you in a month!

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