There we are – 2019 is over! And what a year it has been. We can look back on a very nice year, full of new features. Even in the last month of the year we’ve put a few cool updates online!

🎉New Learning Playlist

You can easily create learning paths with our learning playlist in Hubper. Here you combine various kinds of activities, offline & online. This way you can very easily make the best blended learning process.

What’s new?

We adjusted the whole interface of the learning playlist and added cool new features. All improvements listed:

  • You’ll now have a better overview of the activities in the playlist and where you’ve left off

  • You can now see directly when the deadline is

  • You’ve insight in which parts are obligatory

  • It’s possible to make parts available after a certain time, for example: an activity becomes available 2 weeks after signing up – this is convenient for onboarding processes!

  • You can set conditionalities, so for example that you can only start a certain activity after completing a former one

  • As an administrator you won’t find Playlist as a separate menu tab, it’s now in the author’s hub with all the other activities.


LTI is updated. That’s why it’s possible to transfer progress of activities in Hubper to other LMS’s. So the LTI integration is complete!

That was it – see you in a month!

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