The time has come! Our new inventory module is live since November! Let’s catch up with you:

↖️ ↗️ Making inventories

A whole new module is added to the Hubper platform – the inventory module. This new feature helps you make clever questionnaires which inventory the learning needs in your organisation. You can for example lay out which qualifications are still needed within your organisation, or which qualifications are needed for someone’s daily activities?

How does it work?

You make clever questionnaires in the inventory module. The next question of this questionnaire is based on the answer the user gives, and so the path is determined. It therefore can happen your colleague needs to answer questions you skipped. Your skills and qualifications are collected based on your answers. In this way you build a qualification profile. At the end of the inventory your qualification profile can be presented to your manager or HR. After approving these qualifications this qualification profile will be added to your personal profile.


📱 An improved App

Learning happens increasingly more on mobile phones, which we find good news! We see in our analytics that a major part of the users uses the app to practice with little learning components, such as micro-learnings and Brainpower. We work hard to offer you the best experience, and that’s why we implemented a big update for the app. This makes the app faster & a few bugs are solved which occurred on older phones. Now everyone can get started with the Hubper app! As a user you will automatically receive a notification to update the app, so you can study in the newest version!

🎄 The end of 2019!

The end of 2019 is already in sight, but not before we’ve released some cool improvements. We’ll tell you all about it in the next update!

That was about it – see you next month!

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