We added some cool new features to Hubper in October. Let’s catch up with you:

📸 Integration with Unsplash

Beautiful content is important! That’s why we like to help content creators to make learning more appealing. Unsplash is a platform where you can search for all kinds of beautiful footage, so you can make your content look better. We have integrated this platform, so you can add images directly from Unsplash everywhere where you already could add images.

⚡ Micro-learnings

We want to keep improving in sharing knowledge and helping you during your daily job. That’s why you can create Hubper micro-learnings from now on. You can use micro-learnings for explaining specific knowledge or processes. You can for example make a micro-learning on the most important terms in the GDPR. When users forget this for a moment, they can directly find it in the library in the app or on the web. In this way you have all knowledge at hand.

Our micro-learnings work of course also with warehouse, the content management system. So you can easily create micro-learnings with content you’ve already used before while creating e-learning modules or new content.

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🆕 Improved users’ interface

We gave the users’ interface a visual update. The menu bar has changed, there’s more room on the dashboard and the learning history has moved to the profile. The upcoming months we shall implement more improvements and expansions in the users’ environment. In this way we work towards 1 environment for all your personal developments.

That was about it – see you next month!

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