New month – new features! We’re busy adding a wide variety of interactive content forms. This month we already added two new ones & we have big news.

⚡ Learning terms with flashcards

From now on you can easily learn terms or process steps with flashcards. Typ a term or process step and add an explanation. Users can learn these terms by clicking on the cards.


Do you want to practice? Click on ‘Practice your knowledge’. A term is showed to you so you can think for yourself which explanation belongs to it. Click on the card in order to turn it around and to check if you were right!

▶️ Interactive videos

You already could add videos as content in e-learningmodules, but from now on you can make the videos even more fun! With interactive videos you can automatically stop the video at a certain point and confront the user with a question. Only when the user has answered the question the video will continue. In this way you can also test the knowledge and skills of users during videos.

🎉 Something really cool is coming..

The past month we worked very hard on a complete new module in the Hubper ecosystem – Measure. You can easily make clever questionnaires to evaluate, measure skills and determine qualification profiles. We think it’s besides a cool feature, a big step in facilitating the whole development processes within companies.

The upcoming period we will test Measure thoroughly and make it ready for use. Do you want to know more about Measure in the mean time? Contact us at

That was about it – see you next month!

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