When using a reflection question, you can ask a question without assessing the answers as good or wrong. After answering the question, the user will receive generic feedback that helps them in evaluating their own answer. This kind of question is ideal to stimulate the user to think about a certain topic, which helps in the think and learning process.

Add a title
Add a question as title. In this way, the question is directly at the top and you can save it.

Add a description
You can choose to provide further information. This could be: a piece of text, a photograph, a Please Note, a Tip, an Example or a table.

Create a reflection question
There's no correct or incorrect answer for this question. It's purely meant to let the users think and reflect on a statement or question. The user will receive generic feedback after answering, which will help to evaluate their own reflection and learning process. There are 2 options:

1. Choice-> There are an x amount of answer possibilities. You can't indicate which answer is correct because it's based on reflection. The user however does think that there are correct and incorrect answers.

2. Scale -> A scale question provides the possibility to ask questions with scales as answer possibility. You can enter a label on the left, in the middle and on the right, to give the user insight into the scale. Labels can be for example: 10-30-50.

Open question -> Users can type their answers themselves here.

Add generic feedback that will help the user to evaluate their given answer.

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