A meetup is an online or offline contact moment. You can plan this moment using the learning platform. When you create meetups you can indicate for which contact moments a user can subscribe. Per moment you can indicate how many spots there are, and you can also edit specific information, such as the location. Using online meetups you can for example plan virtual classrooms, webinars or online coaching conversations. We support at the moment an integration with both Microsoft Teams & Zoom. In the future, we'll support more video services for online meetups.

Add a title
Give the Meetup a title so you can easily retrieve it from the library and so the user knows what the contact moment is about.

Add practical details
Enter the time, date and location in the therefore intended boxes.

Add a description
You can choose to provide further information. This could be: a piece of text, a photograph, a Please Note, a Tip, an Example or a table.

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