Tabs provide the possibility to divide content into smaller pieces. You clearly add a structure in this way and you help the users to learn the various parts based on this structure.

Add a title
Add a title for the concerning content. A title is necessary to save the tab.

Add a description
You can choose to provide further information. This could be: a piece of text, a photograph, a Please Note, a Tip, an Example or a table.

Creating and adding tabs
Give the various tabs a title. When you click on the '+' on the right of tabs, you can add tabs. You can add a maximum of 6 tabs.

When you hover your mouse over a tab, squares appear. When you press and hold these you can move the tabs.

You can add texts or images per tab. You can also add a Tip, Please Note, Example or a table.

Learning objectives and tags
You can add learning goals and tags to your content. By using learning objectives we can measure the progress and activity per learning goal. When you use tags, you can retrieve content easier in the Warehouse. Start typing and suggestions will directly appear for learning objectives and tags you've used before.

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