Before we start: What's SCORM?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. You can build an e-learning with this in the author's tool, export it to SCORM and upload it to various LMS platforms. So, it's actually a default tool which lets you play e-learning content in various LMS platforms.

SCORM has the advantage that you can easily play it in various LMS platforms. It does also have some disadvantages; SCORM is often not mobile-friendly, following your users is limited and you need to upload a new SCORM file to the SCORM module for every update.

Add a title

Add a title for the concerning content. A title is necessary to save the SCORM.

Add a description
You can choose to provide further information. This could be: a piece of text, a photograph, a Please Note, a Tip, an Example or a table.

A SCORM is a zip-file. Drag a SCORM from your files or click on 'Choose a SCORM' to select a zip-file from your files.

Learning objectives and tags
You can add learning goals and tags to your content. By using learning objectives we can measure the progress and activity per learning goal. When you use tags, you can retrieve content easier in the Warehouse. Start typing and suggestions will directly appear for learning objectives and tags you've used before.

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