We want our users to study as efficiently as possible. The combination Learn & Brainpower is perfect for this. With this you can offer the user a Brainpower collection and a Learn-education combined, so the user can choose where to study. We combine the progress of Learn & Brainpower and make the analytics insightful for the user, so you can see even better what to focus on and thus learning more smartly.

How does the integration work?

  1. You create a Learn the way you're used to.

  2. You choose the Brainpower Integration at the settings of the Learn course in the author's environment in the Hub.

  3. When you check the checkbox, a Brainpower collection will automatically be made based on this Learn training. You can find the Brainpower tile in the author's hub.

  4. When you subscribe a user to Learn, they will automatically be signed in for the Brainpower collection and they can start their learning process in both platforms.

How does this work for a user?

Being a user, you don't see one but two tiles in the Hub - 1 from Learn and the Brainpower tile. When you go to Learn you'll see that icons have been added to my progress at the upper right.

So, you can now continue to the related Brainpower content via the Brainpower icon. Moreover, an analytics dropdown can be seen completely to the right. When you click here, you directly will receive an overview of your personal progress. The data here is the combined date of your activity in Learn and in Brainpower.

From here you can continue to your personal Learning Analytics page. On this page you'll see:

  • The completion requirements of this e-learning

  • The progression meter

  • Your progression per learning objective with references to the content

  • An overview of all your priority areas

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