You work with collections within Brainpower. A collection can be seen as a container of questions. All these questions have one or multiple learning goals. These are important for Brainpower for they'll be the learning goals you need to know to manage this collection.

1. Create a collection
Composing a collection is simply done by logging into the online academy (as an author). You continue to the author's hub, click on the plus and choose e-learning -> Brainpower. Here you enter the general information, such as title and description, and you click on save. Then, you click on 'Edit collection' to edit the collection contentwise.

2. Adding questions
Now you can enter new questions by clicking on "+ new question". You can also use existing questions. This works the same way as for reusing content in Learn. Click on "Search and reuse existing questions", here you can directly select questions from Warehouse.

3. Creating a collection based on a Learn training

You can create a collection based on an existing Learn training. This way you integrate Learn into Brainpower. You fill a Brainpower collection based on a Learn by choosing 'Brainpower integration' at settings in the Learn course in the Hub. The system automatically creates a collection based on this Learn. You'll see a tile of this collection appear in the author's hub. You can manage the collection using this Brainpower tile to implement possible changes in the automatically generated collection.

4. Measuring learning goals
You can choose which learning goals you want to measure per collection. Brainpower provides the learning objectives of a collection based on the chosen questions. It's possible that a question has multiple learning goals, while you don't want to measure them all in this collection. That's why you can indicate which you want to measure in the learning goals overview. The knowledge intake and the knowledge level of the user will be calculated based on the active learning goals.

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