You start creating your first e-learning module, but how are they actually build up? We gladly explain the structure of a module to you.

E-learning module
The highest level within an e-learning is the module itself. On this level you give the e-learning a title and a general description.


The first division is made when you add 'sections'. A section is a way to structure your e-learning module. You give every section a title.

Chapter (optional)

Then, you'll structure your sections. You can add another extra structure level: a chapter. This can be used to create content within a section of the course.

Part / test

The actual content is divided into parts. You can make parts and tests on this level. The difference is that a part can consist of various sorts of learning activities, such as SCORM, text and video or a combination of learning activities. A test can merely contain questions and has a few additional settings on behalf of the test feature.

Learning activity

The lowest level is the learning activity itself. This is the actual content, such as a piece of text, a video or a question.

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