It's possible to link managers to users within your academy, so they also have access to My Team Dashboard. You can organise this on various levels. We advise you to do this in the organisation structure.

Please note! A manager must also be a user within your academy, before you can set their management rights.

Linking a manager to a company, department or users
When you've filled in the organisation structure within your academy, you can link managers to this. You can link a manager to a company and/or a department. All users that belong to this company/department will then be linked to this manager.

Go to "Users" in the left menu. You can indicate per user if they are a manager in the detail screen. When you check this checkbox and click on save, you'll see the tab 'Management rights' appear.

Mutate or delete the rights of a manager
You can edit the rights of an existing manager or delete the manager (rights). Click on the tab 'Management rights' in the user details.

Choose the company, the department or the individual user(s) who should receive these manager rights and click on the plus. The rights are then added. A manager has insight into the analytics of the users for whom they've got the rights. You can delete rights by using the bin.

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