A learning goal is a characteristic you can add to a learning activity. In this way, you can group content which makes it easier to retrieve. More importantly; in this way, the platform can measure how good a user manages a certain learning goal.

You choose a learning goal for every part of an activity you add. This can be done by editing the new activity. Select the content form you want to use (e.g. text, interactive video or a question). Now you can enter the 'learning goals' on the bottom of the field. Type the learning goal here. Automatically, there will be sought if the learning goal is already known. Otherwise, the platform will automatically create a new one. The chosen learning goal appears in the grey box. You can once again delete the learning goal by clicking on the cross in the grey box.

Examples of the form of learning goals:

  • The user knows [the 12 provinces of the Netherlands].

  • The user can describe in their own words [how a combustion engine works].

  • The user can explain [how impressionistic characteristics can be seen in this painting].

  • The use can [formulate additional rules based on existing rules].

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