You can make e-learning modules you created in Hubper available for other platforms and e-learning systems using LTI. This way you can, for example, link an activity in a different learning platform to an e-learning module in the platform, using LTI. LTI accounts for the complete link, including creating the users, subscribing the user for a course and the Single Sign On. It's also possible to transmit the progress of activities in Hubper to other LMS's.

Get started with LTI

In order to use LTI you need a few things. Down below an overview of these points is listed:

  • LTI must be enabled in the Hubper environment;

  • You need the LTI key & secret key. You must enter these in the other learning system;

  • You need the LTI url of the concerning activity. You can find this in the author's hub at the settings of the activity.

Besides, it's important that the other learning platform sends a few details along with the LTI. These are needed to let the user successfully use the e-learning module. The most LTI links have set this right by default. So, you don't need to edit anything in systems like Moodle; the correct details are send enclosed.

Are you working with a custom LTI link? It's then important to check if the details down below are enclosed in the right manner:

  • The email address of the user. This must be sent as follows: 'lis_person_contact_email_primary'

  • First name. This must be sent as follows: 'lis_person_name_given'

  • Surname. This must be sent as follows: 'lis_person_name_family'

  • Corporate ID / employee number. This must be send as follows: 'user_id'

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