A test can be an element of an e-learning module. In order to compose a test you can add questions. Besides the questions, you can change several settings of the test to make it completely to your liking. We gladly explain these settings to you below.

Random vs. fixed orderYou can choose if you want your test to have a fixed order or if you want to make use of the option random order. When you choose random order, the order of the test will randomly be generated per user. When chosing fixed order, the order stays the same for everyone.

The learning division 'question' makes a difference in competence questions and knowledge question. Within a test you can indicate if different weightings need to be applied per category. In this way, you can for example let competence questions outweigh knowledge questions. The set weighting will only hold true for this specific test. 

You can indicate if there is a possibility to resit. When you want to make it possible to take a resit of a test, you can indicate how  many times the test may be retaken per user. 

Score passed
You can fill in 'score passed' to indicate when a user has passed a test. This is the minimal score the users needs to have in order to pass their test. 

All questions vs. random selection of questions
You can indicate if you want all questions to be incorporated in the test or if you want a random selection of x questions to be made per user.

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