Each course within the e-learning platform has general course settings. These are managed per course. When you as an author click on the sprocket in the e-learning, top right of the page, you will continue to settings.

Here, you can manage the following data:

  • Status:ConceptThe e-learning module is not yet ready to assign to users.PublishedThe e-learning module is active and can be assigned from now.ArchivedThe e-learning module is not active anymore and cannot be chosen when signing up.
  • ConditionsHere, you can set conditional rules in the e-learning module. For example; Part X becomes available when you finished Part Y.
  • Completion requirementsHere, you can set when someone has completed the e-learning module. For example; when someone passed Test X. By default an e-learning module is completed when the progress is 100%. 
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